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Zombie Mob Defense

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Zombie Mob Defense

Genre: Strategy Games
Vendor: Digital Chocolate
Language: English

Zombie mob defense, s60 v5, s60v5

•Experience over 40 wacky levels of Zombie Mob Defense with 3 Levels of difficulty each requiring a different strategy and approach to fend off the Zombies.

•4 eccentric Zombie bosses with bizarre abilities, each requiring a different tactic to get them back to their grave bed.

•More than 8 different perilous Zombie Mobs each causing chaos and jolt making every decision important.

•Over 8 superior Zombie busting arsenals with interesting upgrades for each.

•Unlock cool weapons such as EMP, Conduction Gun, Ray Gun and a lot more!

•Witty & engrossing storyline.
•Impressive & exciting comical art style.

•Fight the Zombies in amusing areas such as the Carnival, the Train Station and more.
•Completely entertaining Zombie Comics unlockable, explaining the past history of the attacking Zombies.

•Get to the top by unlocking all the Game Centre Achievements.


Hertz Smasher

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Hertz smasher, s60 v5, nokia 5800

Hertz Smasher sets itself up as a simple platformer, where the idea is to fight off the approaching hordes of beasties by tooting a soundless horn.



Dance Fabulous

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dance fabulous, dance fabulous s60 v5

Dance Fabulous is all about your music and your style. Dance along to your own music library, create your own unique dance moves, and boost your music experience to a totally new level!


Baby and Me.mp4 (K movie)

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baby and me korean movie, baby and me.mp4comedy

"Baby and Me" is a comedy about Joon-soo (Jang Geun-suk) becoming a student father. Han Joon-su is a tough 18 year old high school trouble maker. Often involved with gang fights, once with 17 other guys, he always wins every time. Suspended in school due to this, Joon-su's parents decided to leave town to discipline their rebellious son. Instead of feeling terrible about it, he organized a party at their mansion instead. Shopping for the event, he stumbled upon an unexpected surprise- a little toddler sitting in a shopping basket wearing the name tag "Han Wooram" and adores Joon-soo like a father. Still puzzled, he brings the baby home. Hereafter begins his adventures and misadventures while trying to learn how to be a father for his son.


angry birds halloween

nokia s60v5
angry birds halloween edition

angry birds halloween s60v5
Download here


angry birds

Angry birds for s60v5
Download here


99 Ninjas

99 ninjas s60 v5
Download here
99 Ninjas s60 v5

Eight Below

Eight below for cellphones
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File size: 219.23MB
© Walt Disney Pictures
Inspired by a true story, EIGHT BELOW is an exciting action-adventure about loyalty and the bonds of friendship set in the extreme wilderness of Antarctica.


One Time

One Time by justin bieber

Download here
Justin Bieber
Size: 26.0 Mb
File type: avi


Splinter Cell Conviction

Splinter Cell Conviction s60 v5
Download here
Splinter Cell Conviction s60 v5
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Conviction is a Java game for symbian S60 5th edition


Keronin s60 v5
Download here
Keronin s60 v5

Crystal Defenders

Crystal Defenders s60 v5
Download here
Crystal Defenders s60 v5
Crystal Defenders is a defensive strategy game, in which the fate of the crystals lies in your hands.


Onion Tasty Dream

Onion Tasty Dream s60 v5
FS - Download here
OR - Download here
Onion Tasty Dream s60 v5
Motion Sensor Game

TTPod v4.10 Final

Ttpod s60 v5 symbian^3
Download here
Ttpod s60 v5 symbian^3
Ttpod by CEPTEAM


Full support for Symbian^3 and S60 v5 devices

Special interface for control using
touch screen

Support: MP3, AAC, WMA
and M4A

Built-in equalizer

Sound fade, stereo widening and bass boost effects

Support for skins and visual effects

Ability to download songs , album
covers and lyrics

Online access to music charts

Sleep timer

Mini player in background mode and many more features


Pdf Scanner

Melon Pdf scanner s60 v3, s60 v5, symbian^3
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Melon Pdf scanner s60 v3
Melon Pdf scanner s60 v5
Melon Pdf scanner symbian^3

Take pictures with your phone, convert them into a PDF document and send this single file via e-mail, Bluetooth or MMS in an instant.

Enjoy your own portable mobile scanner and create compact multiple page PDF files.
With this handy, lightweight software
you will never find yourself in a hurry
to copy text, searching for a document scanner or struggling with numerous phone pictures, when all you really need is one compact PDF file.


Image to PDF conversion in seconds

For business orpersonal use:
sharing, note taking, storing documents for future reference

Email PDF's or send them as a message via Bluetooth, straight from the application Choose the resolution of your images to control PDF file size

Portable mobile scanning:
anywhere, anytime

Key editing options:
view in full screen, rotate, reorder, delete


Time Crisis Elite

Time Crisis Elite s60 v5

Download here
Time Crisis Elite s60 v5
Time Crisis Elite is one of the best Java
mobile game developed by. Bandai
Namco Networks.

Resident Evil Uprising

Download here
Resident Evil Uprising s60 v5


World Tong-its Tour

World Tong-its Tour s60 v5
World Tong-its Tour s60 v5
World Tong-its Tour s60 v5
FS - Download here

World Tong-its Tour s60 v5
Cool and Addictive game

One of the most popular Pinoy games is tong-its which for a majority of Pinoys has become the default entertainment from the small
barangays in the metropolis to far
flung barrios in the provinces.
And now this all time favorite Pinoy
card game can be played anytime,
wherever one is in the world. Tong-its has finally come to roost for Nokia smart phones.

Tong-its is a three-player card game
you can play online or offline.
The online feature allows you to play with your friends anywhere in the world using WiFi or 3G.
There are 3 game play locations allowing you to choose the
level of difficulty.

Speedway 2010

Speedway 2010 s60 v5
Speedway 2010 s60 v5
FS - Download here
OR - Download here
Speedway 2010 s60 v5
The most dangerous and aggressive motor sport in the world.
There are no brakes.
It’s all about Speed, reflexes and adrenaline.

Official Polish Speedway Extra league game
Grand Prix, UK League and Speedway
25 highly detailed tracks
Over 100 riders with personal skills
Easy casual-oriented controls
Garage with upgrade and repair

Love SMS

Love SMS s60 v5
Download here
Love SMS s60 v5



Currencies s60 v5
Download here
Currencies s60 v5
Useful application for s60 v5 by Offscreen
This is a must have for travellers!
check real time currency rates from
European Central Bank and convert from among these currencies

Kung Fu Boy

Kung fu boy s60 v5
FS - Download here
OR - Download here
Kung Fu Boy s60 v5
Cool exciting fighting game!
different fighting styles of karate, taekwondo, Thai boxing or wrestling.


Moove s60 v5
Download here
Moove s60 v5
Hand motion controlled.
Shuffles between all tracks on the device.
Dazzling design.
Powered by eyeCan.
On screen volume and track controls.

You can shuffle your songs without touching your phone!

Simply place your hand over the phone and let the music begin.
Place your hand over the phone again to Pause.
Your hand gesture will skip to the next song.
Just wave again and skip to the next, and to the next.



Yumsters s60 v5
Yumsters s60 v5
FS - Download here
OR - Download here
Yumsters s60 v5
Member of Yumsters

Commander Din:
When he eats, All the Yumsters eat faster. The Ability activates only when he's fully saturated.

Rikky The Detonator: When he finishes a fruit. All nearby fruits explode.

She may bend in any direction after each fruit.

Super Yumster:
He eats any fruits, Including the frozen ones.

Tom Phantom:
He may reach any fruit without touching any other yumsters or obstacle.

Bob The Miner:
Whenever he eats the fruit there remains a hole and yumster moves there.

When she eats a fruit, All the fruit with same color disappear from the screen


Sudoku s60 v5
Download here
Sudoku s60 v5
Fill the grid in each column as well as in each row and each block delimited with a thick line each numerical value 1 to 9 should be found one time.

Super KO Boxing 2

Super KO Boxing 2
Download here
Super KO Boxing 2 s60 v5
Super KO Boxing 2 by Glu Mobile.

Featuring amazing cartoon animations
and visuals,
Super KO Boxing 2 offers
gamers three game modes: Circuit,
Versus, and Challenge
Super KO Boxing 2

Pocket Parrot

Pocket parrot s60 v5
Download here
Pocket Parrot s60 v5.

The Pocket parrot s60 v5 is a ultimate travel
An interpreter in your pocket!

Pocket Parrot can Translate 28 languages.
The text to Speech technology allows
Pocket Parrot to actually speak.

Micropool S60

Micropool S60 for s60v3 and s60v5>
Micropool S60 with Keygen
FS - Download here
Micropool S60 for s60 v3 and s60v5

Paint Studio

Paint Studio s60 v5
Download here
Paint Studio s60 v5
This application is more than just a plain drawing tool.
The basic features of any
drawing tool like MS Paint are available in Paint Studio.
The pencil, drawing straight lines, ellipses, squares, a paint bucket and an eraser are available.
It also have a 3 levels of thickness.
You can redo operation and undo operations all the way.
It also offers a 16 M color palette.
The Pictures are saved as .png files And they are only saved on the phone memory.
If you want to save it on your memory card just edit it directly to your photos option and save it to your memory card.


Black Board

Black board symbian s60v5
Download here
Black board symbian s60v5
The Blackboard is cleared every time the application is started.
The basic control buttons are info, chalk, sponge and exit.

Chalk is of course used for drawing while the sponge or eraser tool is responsible for erasing your drawings. What is also cool is that the eraser leaves wet like trails simulating reality.

Tune Wiki

Tune wiki nokia symbian s60v5
Tune wiki nokia symbian s60v5
FS - Download here
OR - Download here
Tune wiki nokia symbian s60v5
Sync your own music library
Options to read lyrics in karaoke style
as song plays (You must enable 3G Internet
to sync lyrics)

Downloads album art immediately

Shoutcast radio (listen to various radio
stations worldwide or choose by genre)

YouTube Music Video search

Save your YouTube Music Videos into your library
for future viewing

View YouTube Music Videos from the application itself

Song Lyrics search

Music Maps (see where in the world
the song you're listening to is playing via Google Maps)

Tune Wiki Top 50 (Artist or Song
Around the World or by Country)

Sync Twitter and Facebook account with the app to post updates about the song you're listening to.

Read what other people are saying
about the song

Use Tune Wiki's music player offline.

Virtual Table Tennis 3D

Virtual Table Tennis 3D s60 v5 | Virtual Table Tennis 3D Symbian^3
Download here
Virtual Table Tennis 3D Symbian^3
Virtual Table Tennis 3D s60 v5
Game ported from the iPhone.
Virtual Table Tennis 3D is a fast paced
table tennis game with wonderful 3D
effects for Symbian^3 devices and other s60 v5 nokia phones.

Win 7 Black

Win 7 black theme nokia symbian s60v5 | Win 7 Black theme nokia s60 v3
FS - Download here
OR - Download here
Win 7 black theme nokia symbian s60v5
Win 7 Black theme nokia s60 v3
Size: 1.2 Mb

Labyrinth Lite

Labyrinth is the classic game where you control a ball by tilting a labyrinth
Labyrinth Lite s60 v5
Download here
Labyrinth Lite s60 v5

Labyrinth is the classic game where you control a ball by tilting a labyrinth.

In the Lite version there are three Labyrinth worlds available
wooden, garden and caramel.
The different worlds affect on
how the ball bounces, making the game more challenging.


apple theme nokia symbian s60v5
Download here
apple theme nokia symbian s60v5
Size: 1.38 mb

X-men Origins WOLVERINE

X-men Origins WOLVERINE s60 v5
Download here
X-men Origins WOLVERINE s60 v5
Take on the role of wolverine years before he joined the x-men, and bring down mighty Stryker's secret diabolical plans. Escape from the weapon X laboratory whike fighting an army of soldiers, maneuvering around security system and taking on the deadliest mutants from Wolverine's past. Upgarde wolverine's powers by collecting mutagens, and strike the right balance between increased strenght and healing.