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Fake Sms

Fake SMS enables you to schedule the receiving of fake SMS messages
Download here
Fake SMS enables you to schedule the receiving of fake SMS messages.
All SMS's are free of charge as no actual sending is made.

Movie Editor

Movie editor for Nokia 5800
Download here
  • Editing huge videos like movies

  • Ability to Trim and Merge videos
  • .
  • Add pictures, sound effects, and subtitles.

  • frame by cutting the video.

  • Record live sound with the ability to rewrite.

  • Add text to video.

  • Ability to create a slide show of
    photos and video transition effect it.

  • Editing videos from your phones.

  • Movie Editor HD is a program which lets you to edit videos in your nokia phones



    Paint pad is a drawing tool for nokia phones
    Download here
    Paint Pad is a fabulous drawing tool, discovers and magnifies your creativity.

    A drawing tool which let you draw your mind right on your mobile phone.

    You can draw on your color background, images saved in your phone or even a photo taken instantly.

    Zuma's Revenge

    Download here

    zuma revenge

  • A strange frog has washed ashore on a mysterious tropical island and must survive.

  • Fire Stone balls to make matches of three or more and clear the deadly chain before it reaches a Golden Skull.

  • Overcome each challenging location to uncover the island's secret.
  • Alienware

    Download here
    Size: 958.4 kb


    ovi theme by pizero
    Download here

    Created by Pizero

    Size: 123.1 kb
    Fits both portrait and landscape modes.

    Compatible with Symbian s60 v3, 9.1, 9.2, 9.3, and S60 v5, 9.4

    Dark Danger

    Dark danger
    Created by: mowmo
    Download here
    Size: 463.1 kb


    Desguiator s60 v5
    Download here
    Have you ever been in a situation in which you wished your mobile rang to give you an excuse to leave?

    With Desguiator you just have to tap your phone twice and it will ring.

    Now, you just need to answer the call and leave to escape from unpleasant
    situations and boring moments.


    leavin mp4 by jesse mc cartney
    Download here
    Jesse Mc cartney
    Size: 9.4 mb
    File type: Mp4


    Hangaroo mobile
    Download here
    The Hangaroo Mobile (swf)

    Pick letters, consonants and vowels, Guess the hidden phrase to complete a level.


    Ultimate Soccer Pinball

    Download here

    best Pinball for Nokia

    Ultimate Soccer Pinball is another great looking pinball game developed by 3D Arts

  • Pull the plunger to launch the ball. Use the side buttons to control the paddles. Tap the table to tilt.
  • 2011/05/27

    Pocket Piano

    Pocket piano s60 v5

    Download here

    Pocket piano s60 v5
    High Quality Sound
    Quick Responsiveness
    Optional labels for keys
    Keypad support
    Easily shift keys up or down quickly while playing
    Record your performances for playback later
    Multitouch on touch devices only

    A virtual piano with rich sound and versatility of the real thing.
    It has a great features like multi-touch, high quality sound, two full octaves of notes, and recording.
    Impress your friends and play your favorite tunes anywhere you go.